Deep Information Sciences, Inc.

Deep has developed a new general-purpose database that is especially engineered for big data and the cloud. It is called DeepDB and is capable of handling transactions and analytics in real-time in the same data set. The database is developed to run in the cloud (although on premises is also possible) and provides an “always-on” service. In addition, DeepDB created with the 3V’s of big data (Volume, Velocity and Variety) in mind; it minimizes disk I/O, it maximizes the cache effectiveness and optimizes CPU and Core concurrency.

The DeepDB supports storing structured and unstructured data and it is built using Java, Python, Ruby and C++. The company was built as lean as possible and they relied on an evergreen funding model. In April of 2013 they raised a $ 10 million funding from investors Robert Davoli, Stage1 Ventures, Cabletron Co-Founder Robert Levine, Chamberlain & Steward and Alessandro Piol and a group of angel investors.

DeepDB has been created to support data-driven decision making at executive levels within organisations. At those levels, speed and accuracy are very important and exactly that is one of the strong points of DeepDB. Although Deep is not the only company that offers real-time transactional and analytics capabilities, a strong competitor for example is SAP HANA, it is extremely fast. In one particular case study, Deep was able to process 1.72 million transactions per second. In comparison, SAP HANA has an insertion rate of 770.000 records per second.

The objective of DeepDB is to bring speed, simplicity and scale to organisations. Their value proposition is to reduce capital and operational costs for their customers, decrease deployment times and speed up migration to the cloud. However, at the moment, Deep only has two customers. With the fast growing big data market and new players arising every day, this could be a problem for the future.



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Head Office

1 Marina Park Drive
United States

Countries Supported

United States


Consumer goods, Gaming, Manufacturing, Technology


Subscription, Free Trial

Size of Customers

Large, Global Enterprise, Medium

Year Founded

July 2005


Funding Received from Investors

$10 Million


Robert Davoli, Stage1 Ventures

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