Datawiz is a young Big Data startup that has created an online analytics tool capable of integrating and visualizing Big Data and perform complicated analyses in nearest real time for the retail industry. Datawiz is a Platform as a Service based on machine learning techniques that delivers insights for retailers using machine-learning applications.

They have created different applications that can be used to make predictions, make recommendations and create better customer segmentations. This allows retailers to make relevant offers to the right customers and as such increasing conversion rates. They cater for both online and offline retailers to help them achieve insights, create better marketing campaigns and make better sales predictions.

Datawiz was founded in 2013 by Volodymyr Nepiuk and Xiangting Nepiuk and so far they have received $ 170k in funding from a Russian investor. At this moment they have five customers in the retail / branding industry. However they do not have any patents (pending) nor have they won any awards.

It is a very young company that offers Business Intelligence for retailers. The potential of Big Data for retailers is enormous, so if they know how to harvest the need for data insights in the retail industry they could potentially reach a lot of customers.



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Head Office

1811 Silverside RD
Wilmington, DE
United States

Countries Supported

Ukraine, United States



Size of Customers

Large, Small, Medium

Year Founded

May 2013


Funding Received from Investors

$ 170 thousand


Russian investor

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