Datameer is a big data company that has been around a couple of years already. Since 2009 they have developed an application for big data analytics. The developers who originally contributed to the development of Apache Hadoop founded it and since then it has grown to a full company with offices in the USA and Germany.


The strength of Datameer is that it combines the three steps for data analysis into one system on top of a Hadoop platform. This takes out the need for companies to talk to different parties and ensures a workable solution after implementation. Users can furthermore store their data in the cloud on premise or both. This means that users can decide to store the data at those places best suitable to their security needs.

The application of Datameer can analyse both structured (for example Hbase, MySQL, MS SQYL etc.) and unstructured data (for example Social data, log files or e-mail data). Datameer connects multiple sets of complex unrelated data resulting in deep insights of different correlations. These insights are then presented is stunning visuals which can be created by the user using a WYSIWYG Editor. This allows the user to create personalized infographics in real-time. All visuals are built in html5, making them easily usable on all different devices.

Next to the visualizations offered, Datameer offers also an App market with analytics app to analyse and track data from Apps. These Apps are developed by Datameer but they also allow third party developers to build App and get paid as well. All Apps are open so users can customize them, combine them or extend them.

Datameer makes Hadoop easily accessible and actually reduces it to a well-known spreadsheet. From their users can start building their own relevant data insights with a drag-and-drop system.



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Head Office

1550 Bryant Street
San Francisco
United States

Countries Supported



Financial Services, Gaming, Retail, Telecom


Subscription, Free Trial

Size of Customers

Large, Global Enterprise, Small, Medium

Year Founded

September, 2009


Funding Received from Investors

$ 36.8 million

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