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CapricornVentis (CVL) is a specialist business technology consultancy company that focuses on the areas of Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Excellence (CRM/CEM), and their facilitation through the use of leading technology. We work with our clients to Blueprint the business requirement, focusing on process (what you do), information (the main ingredient) and people (the internal and external stakeholders). This allows us to closely align each client’s business requirement with the technologies we recommend and provide. We only select technologies from leading vendors that are robust, proven and cost effective. These technologies, when integrated by our professional services team, are part of a proposition that enables us to deliver the level of business value that our clients desire. Our Core Proposition addresses the key business challenges directly impacting the customer and / or the operational processes and information needs internal to the business: -Business Transformation. Helping our clients to identify, define and migrate to new ways of doing the same business, or new business strategies entirely. -Process Improvement. Looking at ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational processes through better procedure and better technology. -Performance Management. Measurement and measurement against target (KPI). Deciding what to measure/monitor, how to measure it and how to use the output to actually drive improvement. -Business and IT Alignment. Bringing appropriate technology to the business model and the people managing it. Not just leveraging the technology, but shaping it to the needs of the business that speaks to the highest value and ROI. -Customer Excellence. Leveraging the best available technology and solutions to make it easier for customers and employees alike to transact and achieve their aims. More informed, faster, easier, any time, any place and via any channel. Our proposition is shaped by 1) the most current innovation and ideas, shaping how winning companies engage with their markets, 2) the technology itself, how it is changing and the potential it brings, and 3) our experience and resulting approach and methodology.



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