Biometric Reflective Identity Verification Authenticator System. B.r.i.v.a.s. Lately, we have seen a gigantic move in availability of economical and hearty biometric crypto-engineering, and BRIVAS has helped towards making biometric encryption and cryptography frameworks more lightweight, portable, powerful and private. We direct innovative work on Biometric Signature Key Binding utilizing solid bio-connection classifiers on any current biometric motor yield or relevant information. The improvement of composed hacking, ridiculing, animal energy, poor secret key structural planning, and maverick web terrorism have been colossal compelling components in starting prevalent enthusiasm toward boosting biometric combination frameworks for increased verification. There was a point where biometrics were seen as an unpleasant, until individuals started to understand the profits of machine vision for individual security and open wellbeing, particularly in portable. Organizations can likewise profit from diminished misrepresentation, less squandered time with lavish overhead tend to IT HELP DESK secret word resets. BRIVAS utilizes special biometric cryptographic marks, alongside profound machine figuring out how to add expanded security to any current biometric framework. Voice, finger impression, entryway, facial, iris, pulse or perio visual, and so forth. Unlawful hacking, information holes, and fraud are getting to be regularly typical in today's online society. Brivas Technology levels the playing field against the cheats by adding various layers of security to tenderly usher out the period of USERNAME/PASSWORD client ID. Brivas Technology builds ongoing connection and liveness identification variables that can be sent rapidly in a manner that criminals can't anticipate. All right to gain entrance focuses are controlled and savage energy assaults are rapidly closed down. The ensuing framework is checked, strengthened, and tuned to each one utilization case situation.



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20883 Stevens Creek Boulevard Suite 100
United States

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United States


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March 1, 2012


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