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Big Data, Analytics


E-commerce, Retail


Large, Global Enterprise, Medium

Year founded:March 2009
Funding received: $ 41 million
Awards won:Several honors


Nowadays, users can enter a website from many different angles making it even more difficult to properly reach and target customers. BloomReach claims to have the solution to this problem as they have developed a tool to help companies get found better than their competition and be more relevant when a visitor enters the website, regardless of the entry point.

BloomReach does this using big data marketing applications to make the most relevant products or services of websites easier to find thereby offering a better user experience. BloomReach technology, the Web Relevance Engine, supplements efforts related to Search Engine optimization by stressing existing content on a website and making it more easy to crawl by search spiders thereby increasing the quality of every page and the website overall.

Their Web Relevance Engine crawls websites and consumer queries capturing data such as web analytics, product feeds, social media streams but also competitor website data. All this data is analysed and interpreted by the machine-learning algorithm to deliver relationships among all web pages and consumer interactions, resulting in a relevance score, which is used to maximize the quality of the content and the metrics. The Site optimizer then again provides optimization suggestions to create the best user experience. Using search, query language modelling, machine learning, and web analytics, the Web Relevance Engine also matches web content with actual user queries to become easier to find and more relevant.

You can call this SEO tactics on steroids and it is especially useful for companies


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