MultiValue Databases

The first MultiValue databases were designed in the 1960s and it was developed for the army. MultiValue databases are a type of NoSQL and multidimensional databases that understand 3 dimensional data directly. MV databases can work with relatively low-powered servers and achieve great performances. They are primarily giant strings that are perfect for manipulating HTML and XML strings directly and they differ from relational databases as they encourage using attributes that can take a list of values rather than just single-values.


They have developed several products among others UniData, an extended relational data server used for cost-effective applications. Universe is an extended relational data server optimized for embedding vertical applications. It offers a nested relational MultiValue data model. Wintergrate is their product that offers a secure and powerful interface for MultiValue databases.


Revelation has developed OpenInsight, which is a repository-based MultiValue environment for application development. The tool helps developers to work together while designing, developing and deploying MultiValue based business solutions. It comes with a MultiValued length filing system and a complete tool set including a MultiValue Database Designer.


Northgate has developed Reality, a Pick/MultiValue NoSQL or SQL-enabled database, operating and multi-language programming environment. It features a 64-bit performance delivery, automatic indexing for Remote Q/Pointers and it can be used in a cloud environment.


OpenQM is a MultiValue database that is available as open source as well as a commercial version. It is developed for Linux and the data model allows users to store multiple values together. The open source edition can be used by developers to add features and experiment with the core MultiValue engine.

jBASE International

jBase is an open multidimensional database that comes with certain tools such as a development environment as well as a development language. It has been developed from the ground to combine the best in MultiValue technology. It is compiled in jQL and features a 64-bit database. It comes with Microsoft, Java and SQL support.


ScarletDME is a OpenSource MultiValue database, a community fork of OpenQM originally developed by Ladybridge.

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