Multidimensional Databases

A multidimensional database is optimized for data online analytical processing (OLAP) applications and for data warehousing. They are often created with the input from relational databases. Multidimensional databases can be used for queries around business operations or trends. Multidimensional database management systems (MDDBMS) can process the data in a database a high speed and can generate answers quickly.


GT.M is multidimensional database engine that is used at financial and health institutions worldwide. It is scalable and can process in real-time. The GT.M has no restrictions of the type of data that can be indexed and stored and the application logic can be adapted to suit own needs.


SciDB is a data management system especially designed for scientific research. It is optimized for big data and big data analytics. SciDB is not suited for online transaction processing (OLTP), but it is built around analytics. Data will be write-once, read-many. SciDB is built around multidimensional array storage.


Rasdaman stands for Raster Data Manager and this project extends standard relational database systems with the possibility to store and recover multidimensional arrays through SQL-style language. Rasdaman is flexible, scalable and offers high-speed performance. It offers a Java API and a C++ API.

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