Document Store Databases

A Document store is a document-oriented database that is especially designed to store, manage and retrieve documents, also known as semi structured data. Documents encode data in some standard formats or encodings such as XML, JSON, BSON, but also binary forms like Docx, Xlsx or PDF. Document-oriented databases are so-called NoSQL databases.


MongoDB is a high-performance, open source NoSQL scalable database. It is written in C++ and it offers rich, document-based queries. It uses MapReduce to store the data and has built-in replication. Organisations use MongoDB to easily code, scale and operate applications. It can easily scale from a single server to large and complex multi-site architectures.


A lightweight NoSQL database written in Java that is easy to install and to configure. Unstructured data can be stored as JSON. It can easily be scaled through using the REST webservice, which allows a lot of flexibility.


Couchbase is a NoSQL database that is easy scalable, offers high performance and a flexible database. It is developed for interactive web and mobile applications. It supports topology with no downtime and you can use secondary indexes to see inside the data. Couchbase is developed for Java, Ruby, .NET, C, PHP and Python.


RaptorDB is a JSON based, NoSQL document store database that offers automatic hybrid bitmap indexing and LINQ query filters. This document-store can be used for the back-end store of forums, Blogs, Wikis, Content Management systems and websites. Users only need to know C# programming language to start using RaptorDB.


SisDB written in C# and lets users store object graphs of POCO (plain old clr objects) without the need to configure any mapping. All data is stored as JSON and as KeyValue indexes. SisoDB is not a relational database and tables that are required are created automatically.


Apache CouchDB is a JSON based, NoSQL database that uses HTTP and MapReduce for its API. The query language is JavaScript. As of 2008, CouchDB is an Apache project. There is administration support with a built-in web application called Futon. Users serve web apps directly out of CouchDB.


It combines a relational database with a document database and it is a NoSQL Database. It is written in .NET and allows users to build applications with low-latency and high-performance. Data, which is stored as JSON, can be queried with Linq queries. RavenDB is built for web-scale, and automatically replicates data and offers sharding.


EJDB is a MongoDB like library that users can embed in applications built in C/C++ or NodeJS. It is based on a modified version of Tokyo Cabinet. EJDB features collection level transactions, NodeJS binding, string token matching queries and collection level write locking.


DjonDB is a document-oriented database that is written in C++ language. It is an enterprise level NoSQL database. It supports multi-document transactions and unstructured data. It is easy to use and allows users a short time-to-market for their applications.


TokuMX (TM) is an open source, high-performance distribution of MongoDB that has dramatically improved scalability and operational efficiency. It uses patented Fractal Tree indexing technology to increase performance, decrease database size, and support ACID transactions with MVCC. TokuMX is for Big Data applications with demanding requirements that are not met by the community distribution of MongoDB.


 A Database for Web Applications and a pure JSON-over-HTTP Web API. SchemafreeDB allows powerful SQL statements through it’s enhanced SFQL query language which provides join-like operations with simple dot-notated relations.

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