Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence gives organisations the possibility to collect, maintain and organize data in order to identify new (business) opportunities. BI can help while implementing an effective strategy. More and more open source tools appear that offer business intelligence beyond the standard platforms like Google Analytics.


The open source software developed by Talend has developed several big data software solutions, including Talend Open Studio for Big Data, which is a data integration tool supporting Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Hbase and Pig. The objective is to improve the efficiency of data integration job design through a graphical development environment. Next to open source tools, Talend also sells other commercial products.


Jaspersoft has developed several open source tools, among others a Reporting and Analytics server, which is a standalone and embeddable reporting server. The Open Source Java Reporting Library is a reporting engine that can analyse any kind of data and produce reports in any format. Jaspersoft ETL offers a data integration engine, powered by Talend. They claim it is the world’s most used business intelligence software.


SpagoBI is an open source business intelligence suite. It provides analytical capabilities that are supported by over 30 analytical and operational engines. It is very flexible and an easy deploying into existing IT infrastructure. The suite also includes solutions for innovative intelligence domain such as KPI’s, visual enquiries, real time BI and mobile BI.


Open source tool Pentaho is a big data tool focusing on data mining and reporting in order to create complex solutions for complex problems. Pentaho offers also paid products, but the open source tool is supported by a large community dedicated to delivering a complete, well integrated, and high quality suite of business intelligence software.

BIRT Exchange

BIRT stands for “Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools” and it is an Eclipse-based tool, which adds reporting features to Java applications. IT can produce compelling reports. The objective is to combine a wide-range of reporting needs within one application. It has two components: 1) a visual report designer and 2) a runtime component for creating reports that can be deployed to any Java environment.


OpenI offers open source dashboards, interactive reporting, ETL, predictive modeling and more. Operating System: OS Independent. OpenI is a web-based OLAP reporting application. OpenI is an out-of-box solution for building and publishing reports from XMLA-compliant OLAP data sources.

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