Bad Juju Games, Inc.

Awful Juju Games is a very accomplished group of veteran feature amusement industry engineers and specialists that have gathered to assemble the cutting edge middleware engineering stage for the PC, Mobile and Console Gaming markets. Heading with the item, Bad Juju has architected a lightweight low-level gaming API and Web Services backend assembled to completely power the profits of Big Data. is a basic, adaptable and proficient API that empowers the accumulation of huge amounts of amusement play data, measurements and important business insights. As an issue, Bad Juju has been storing up its Game Discovery Platform over the past a few years and will keep on developping items that eventually profit gamers. Stage skeptic leaderboards, player profiles, trophies/accomplishments, match data, diversion entryways, occasions and our exceptional "second screen" advances are simply a couple of the foundational progressions that Bad Juju Games has conveyed, coordinated and dispatched into a few well known "Triple-A" titles. Presently Bad Juju Games is taking its innovation to the following level as it has been working hotly to productize its cross stage answer for ALL designers, of all shapes and sizes (and for a small amount of the cost that would be obliged to create comparative arrangements without any preparation). Since its beginning, Bad Juju has been giving its answers for pioneers, for example, Activision, Disney, Capcom, Konami and Namco Bandai Games and for real striking diversions, for example, Call of Duty, Ace Combat and Tekken Tag competition, to name a couple. Our group keeps on leveraing its multifaceted experience and approved Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Apple and Google connections to convey broad middleware gaming devices and administrations all in all.



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United States

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United States


Gaming, Technology

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January 1, 2010




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