The leader in prescriptive analytics is AYATA. Using their patented software they are capable of processing hybrid data (unstructured and structured) to predict what is going to happen, when it is going to happen and more importantly why it is going to happen. Then they use that knowledge to improve decision-making and help solve problems before they occur. They do not only predict future outcomes, but also prescribe different decision options and the impact of those options.

Prescriptive analytics are very new and Gartner predicted that it takes another 5-10 years before it reaches the plateau of productivity. Currently, AYATA is the only company in the world that has developed an automated prescriptive analytics capability. AYATA combines different disciplines of mathematical sciences, machine learning and computer sciences.

Currently AYATA is based in Austin, Texas, but it began its journey in 2003 as DataInfoCom as an independent research laboratory from Toronto, Canada. AYATA was founded by Atanu Basu and they began commercial operations in 2007. Currently they employ 35 persons and leading organisations including Microsoft, Cisco and Dell uses their AYATA 4.0.

AYATA is a Sanskrit word for "future," and they live up to the promise of helping corporation to make smarter decisions about the future. They have patented their technology but have not yet won any awards. As prescriptive analytics is such a new approach to big data, this is nothing strange. Many organisations are still getting used to predictive analytics.


Website     http://ayata.com/

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