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Anodot provides a real time analytics and automated anomaly detection system that discovers outliers in vast amounts of data and turns them into valuable business insights. Analyzing the massive quantity of metrics generated by today’s businesses – manually or with traditional business intelligence tools – takes time and expertise. Using patented machine learning algorithms, Anodot isolates issues and correlates them across multiple parameters in real time, eliminating business insight latency and supporting rapid business decisions through its uncovered insights.

Data-centric companies like web-based businesses, digital advertising and IoT need to know that their companies are running smoothly, 24/7. Anodot goes far beyond mere monitoring; every single digitized business process needs to run like a well-oiled machine and Anodot ensures that it does. Anodot notices – before you do and before your customers do – if something is a little off; if a metric is out of place. The beauty of Anodot is that it identifies these anomalies at such an early stage that it can predict that something will become a major issue long before it does.

Anodot was founded in 2014 by people with experience in huge software systems and the big data analytics necessary to understand them. The company is funded by Disruptive Investments LLC.



  • Automated Anomaly Detection

    Using patented machine learning algorithms, Anodot crunches your time series data to determine its normal range. From then on, it flags any and all anomalies, assigning them a significance score, an automatic assessment of how important an anomaly is based on how “off” the data is, and for how long a period of time.

  • Intelligent Behavioral Correlation and Grouping

    Sometimes taken on its own, a single anomaly may not be significant. But when grouped together with other anomalies, it becomes extremely important. For example, similar changes across multiple geographies, or while one metric rises another one falls. Noticing these types of correlations manually is nearly impossible, yet Anodot groups and correlates multiple anomalies by design, to bring you the most important insights first, and eliminate alert storms. No manual configuration is necessary.

  • Alerts

    Anomalies are delivered right to your favorite application with extensive built-in alerting tools. Alerts are automatically grouped so that when there are multiple, related anomalies, a single, unified alert allows you to investigate the phenomenon at once.

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