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The AI Platform is a massively scalable analytics platform with both cloud based and enterprise on premise infrastructures. The platform is made up of a set of systems that work intelligently to extract your data, analyse it and deliver insights.

The AI Platform is made up of two primary systems: the Data Aggregator and the Analytics Engine. The Data Aggregator imports both structured and unstructured data using APIs from various sources such as web analytics data, competitive intelligence data, social media data and Business Intelligence data. The Analytics Engine takes the imported data from the data aggregator and structures it in a bespoke format aligning metrics and dimensions ready for analyses.

Using advanced machine learning algorithms, predictive modelling and statistical calculations the Analytics Engine analyses big data, identifying trends, correlation to highlight key insights and make predictions that help businesses understand customer behaviour to make data driven decisions and take timely action. Insights derived from these analyses are delivered through our APIs to be used by third party Reporting and Visualization tools or through our Virtual Analyst reporting system.



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Level 39 One Canada Square
United Kingdom

Countries Supported

United Kingdom


Consumer goods, Retail, Social media / marketing

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Year Founded

February 11, 2011




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